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Cockroach Control Preparation Steps

Cockroach Pest Control

The only good cockroach is a DEAD cockroach

To keep your house rid of pest – especially cockroaches, you want to keep the house as clean as possible for long-lasting outcomes. This assists in removing the food source for the bugs. In addition, when the house is tidy, the roaches will be more quickly drawn to the bait so they will be destroyed quickly.

Remove or cover any leftover food.  Make sure to clean small appliances and other things that may trap food on your counter tops. Mop or scrub the kitchen area and other hard surface floorings and woodwork with a good all-purpose cleaning agent.  You will want to completely vacuum carpeted floorings, utilizing the vacuum’s crevice accessory to get into cracks. After vacuuming, take the vacuum cleaner outside, get rid of the vacuum bag, seal it, and dispose of in garbage.

Make sure to consistantly keep trash in closed containers and, if possible, take out the trash every night. Dispose of all excess paper items, and other unused stacks of papter or garbage, as these will become hiding locations for roaches and other insects.

If you determine that you have a water leak, this can offer a perfect habitat for cockroaches.  You will want to fix the water leak and damaged area, then call in your local pest control expert.  Apartment or condo residents will want to report a leak right away upon detection.

If possible, before pest control service, you may want to clean behind large appliances.  Move these devices away from the wall, and tidy behind and underneath them. If your oven or range has a detachable bottom drawer that opens over the floor, it is easy to merely pull this out in order to tidy below it and clean the flooring below.

You want to make certain that your pest control expert has complete and total access to anywhere that cockroaches have actually been seen.

After your extermination service, for best results, you want to keep sanitation to as high a level as possible.  This enables all of the applied pest control solutions to work as promptly as possible. Do not touch cockroach gel or enable animals or kids to have access.


Mosquitoes: Why They Are Attracted To You And How You Can Prevent Them

Why are mosquitoes attracted to me?

Why mosquitoes appear to be more attracted to some individuals than others is something that much research has been conducted nationwide for both repellent and attractant purposes. The most universally recognized of all mosquito attractants is carbon dioxide. It draws in mosquitoes from as far away as 35 meters. Whenever female mosquitoes are able to sense there is carbon dioxide in an area, usually they will take a zigzagging flight pattern in the plume to find the source.

After they are within the general area of a potential host, there are other predominant cues, including heat and body odors (lactic acid, sweat, etc.). Odors that the skin’s microflora produce play a role as well in inducing a mosquito to land. Researchers have been able to isolate more than 350 compounds from odors that the human skin produces. Either in combination or singly, many of those compounds might be attractants – and also many of them might be repellents. The situation is quite complicated and numerous tests need to be conducted before everything can be sorted out at last.

Another factor involved in host-seeking is visual stimuli, like movement. However, what can be stated safely is that it has been proven by controlled laboratory studies that ingesting vitamin B12, garlic or other systemics do not impact mosquito biting at all. Eating banana, as suggested by a myth, does not actually attract mosquitoes. However, wearing perfume does. It has also been found that limburger cheese is attractive. According to scientists this might explain why some mosquitoes are attracted to human feet.

5 Steps To Preventing Mosquitoes

1. Seal Gaps

Integrated pest management is used by pest management professionals such as Palmetto Exterminators. They inspect areas around plumbing penetrations and windows for spaces where pests are able to enter your home. Even using something as basic as a tube of caulk can help to prevent ants from getting into your home. Using fine steel wool on any exterior gaps that are bigger than your thumb is also recommended to keep mice out.

2. Trim Vegetation

Vegetation such as shrubs and bushes can serve as a highway for various insects such as roaches and ants. Tress limbs hanging over a structure can be used by roaches and carpenter ants, while vines growing up on a structure can be used as a highway by carpenter ants, termites and various black ant species. When vegetation is allowed to grow over the house or against a structure it can turn into an expensive moisture problem. It is always recommended by Palmetto Exterminators that there be a 12 inch minimum clearance between any vegetation and a structure.

3. Replace Rotten Wood

When you first start to see cracking or peeling paint, that is the best time to start addressing water born issues. Paint that has started to crack or peel is a sign that moisture has started to intrude into wood. Attempt to determine what the source of the moisture problem is, then scrape the area and repaint it using the appropriate kind of exterior grade paint. Replace any wood that has started to show any signs of decay. Soft wood can turn into a habitat and breeding ground for termites and carpenter ants, which can lead to more decay and need for repair work.

4. Avoid any standing water

In order to survive, a majority of living things need to have water. The same thing is true for most common pests. Many insects such as mosquitoes, in fact, thrive in stand water. In order to prevent insects such as mosquitoes, roaches and ants from breeding quickly throw out any black plastic planters you have left over from plants, empty out wheel barrows and replace water in your bird bathes every couple of days.

Rising temperatures result in organic material decomposing at a more rapid rate. This makes an excellent breeding ground for many insects. Over the next several months, be sure all waste is sealed as air tight as you possibly can. Also make sure to take your trash can out to the curb every week. If you do compost, then be sure to keep your compost bin away from your house as far as possible. Although insects are very beneficial for compost, if your bin is located too close to your house then can find their way inside your home.

Types Of Termites And How To Prevent An Infestation

With spring and warm weather upon us, termites and other cellulose-chewing pests are becomeing increasingly active in their destructive efforts. Furniture and other wooden structures vulnerable to termite attacks should be treated to prevent a disaster from happening. If your home isn’t protected from these destructive pests, it may then be time to take some precautionary measures. This article outlines some of the best ways to keep termites at bay.

Types of Termites And How To Handle Them

1. Formosan Termites: This breed of termites originated from Taiwan and China. These termites found their way to the rest of the world via military ships back in the 1940’s and are considered the most destructive breed of termites in the world. One Formosan termite colony can reach more than a million in population. The numbers are what makes this kind of termites destructive.

The interesting thing about Formosan termites is that they can chew through anything ranging from electric power lines, PVC pipes, and metal as well. You are more likely to find these termites in Texas and other areas in the South.

2. Eastern Subterranean Termites: This breed of termites thrive in areas with high moisture content. Their nests are characterized by wet mud tunnels that raise above the ground. This type of termites is found all over the US, with Alaska being the only exception. The worst thing about the eastern subterranean termites is that they chew up building foundations from the bottom-up, thereby causing massive destruction.

3. Damp wood Termites: As the name suggests, these termites love wet wood. You will most probably find these near a leaky pipe, tap, or the drainage. These termites do not need earth (soil) to survive – damp wood alone is enough.

4. Dry wood Termites: These are the exact opposite of damp wood termites. They thrive pretty well in dry wood. They get the much-needed water whenever digestion of cellulose takes place. Dry wood termites are commonly found on structural times, dead trees, hardwood floors and stored lumber. These however live in small numbers, thus destruction isn’t as bad as it is with damp wood termites.

How to Deal with The Different Termite Types

Most signs of termite infestation go unnoticed until it is too late. Unless you are a trained professional, taking note of a termite infestation is next to impossible. Some of the common signs of a termite infestation include small holes in wooden structures, crumbling drywall, sagging doors, and even insect wings.inspect for termites

A regular termite inspection is one of the best ways to ensure your home is termite-free. These trained professionals know just where to look to identify, treat, and prevent an infestation. As long as an infestation is detected early, these professionals can help prevent damage to your valuables and furniture.

Termite pesticide is one of the most effective and efficient baits for termite. The bait is placed in the termites’ mud tunnels undergrounds. The chemical inhibits molting in these termites, meaning they die an uneventful death. In addition to this, the chemical is transferred from one termite to the next, thus total elimination.

How To Keep Your Property Safe From Wild Animals

Your house provides you with shelter from the weather and a warm, comfortable place where you can relax. Unfortunately, you may not be the only one who views your home as a safe haven from the outside world. Wild animals are naturally drawn to houses, simply because they provide them with a dry, warm place that they can call home.

Even though these animals may look cute, they actually can pose a real risk to your property and your family. The following tips can help you keep your property safe from common pests such as squirrels, rats, possums, and raccoons.

Risk of Disease

One thing that a lot of people are not aware of is that wild animals can carry a variety of different diseases. The most common one that comes to mind is rabies. Apart from that, they can also spread other diseases to your pets. For instance, did you know that raccoons can be carriers for canine distemper? Internal parasites like roundworms and giardia lamblia can also pose a problem since they can be transmitted through feces that is left behind by these animals.

Raccoons aren’t the only animals that pose a problem. Squirrels can also carry disease. In fact, squirrels are known carriers of the bubonic plague. They can also spread dangerous bacteria through their droppings. This includes the bacteria francisella tularensis which can lead to the disease tularemia. Certain illnesses can also be spread through drinking water that has come in contact with squirrels or their droppings.

Although possums usually don’t carry quite as many diseases as squirrels or raccoons, they can pose other problems. For instance, they often have fleas which can spread to your home or pets.


The best way to avoid all of these problems is by pest-proofing your home. A good place to start is by inspecting your house for any areas where pests could get inside. Look for small cracks or openings that are large enough for an animal to get through.

When you find a hole, you should seal it off completely using expanding spray foam. Smaller openings can be sealed with caulk. If you are sealing around your chimney, make sure that the products you use are designed to withstand heat. Don’t forget to check the screens on your windows for any holes that are large enough to allow animals inside.

Water tends to attract animals. You can make your home less enticing to pests by repairing any leaks that you may have in your plumbing system. Make sure any areas where moisture has accumulated are thoroughly dried out.

One of the most important things that you can do to pest-proof your home is to get rid of any food that could be drawing them in. Thoroughly clean out your trash cans and disinfect them to remove odors. If you have pet food, store it in an airtight container.

Avoid piling firewood directly next to your home. Instead, keep your woodpile on a part of your property that is located further away from your house.

Removal of Wildlife

If you suspect that pests have already invaded your property, it is important to contact a company that specializes in wildlife removal to come in and inspect your home. With their advanced training and expertise, they can tell you very quickly whether or not you have a pest problem. If they do find a problem, they can help you resolve it quickly.

Anytime you are dealing with wild animals, it is best to leave the job to professionals. Animals can be unpredictable when they are cornered. Additionally, if they are not handled correctly, they can spread disease or cause serious injuries.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Your House

Mouse Extermination: How to Get Rid of Mice in Your House

Before you actually try rodent extermination or control techniques – make sure that you are sure that mice are your problem. If you are hearing noises within the walls – it could be the result of a mouse infestation. However, it could also be other insects and even the sounds of the building settling or expanding and contracting.

Trapping Mice

Home mice extermination is possible and you can use a variety of traps and baits. Be careful with the traditional snap traps as they can be dangerous to children and pets if not placed properly. Glue traps are excellent options – but can also be a hazard to pets and children if they are not placed properly. When using glue traps you will want to locate them out of reach and out of easily discovered areas, but in the line of use for mice (such as along the baseboard). Live traps work well and are effective for removal. With any trap, the homeowner needs to check regularly and dispose of the captured rodent. It is helpful to have a good knowledge of mouse behavior and their habits within your home to make effective use of any type of trap.

Eliminate Mouse Entry Points

Food sources should be kept in containers with tight sealing lids and trash cans should be sealed. Avoid leaving food out and keep your countertops, sinks, floors and pantries clean and free of crumbs and food residue.

You then want to look around your home to identify and eliminate possible feeding sites and entry points. Open areas around pipes, gas lines and dryer vents should be sealed. Look for holes even as small as a pencil eraser – these can allow entry and you should block cracks, holes and crevices with concrete, caulk or other appropriate materials.

Mouse infestations are troublesome and dangerous to humans. Mice feed on the same food that we humans feed on and they will destroy cartons, paper, boxes and plastic in order to construct their nests. Mice urine, saliva and feces can contain viruses and bacteria, such as salmonella and hantavirus. Along with the irritation of having them in your home, these are the reasons it is necessary to exterminate any mouse infestation. And you want to do this right away. Take action at the first sign of a mouse infestation and don’t wait just to see if they will go away. Populations grow rapidly and are extremely difficult to eradicate. It is best to target infestations when the colony is small.

The most efficient mouse extermination methods are those administered by trained pest control professionals. Contact your local pest control exterminator today – Contact Bug Blasters Abilene.

Choosing the Right Abilene Pest Control

Choosing the Right Abilene Pest Control

Pests can pose a serious threat to your and your family’s health.  In addition to the fact that they may carry different parasites and diseases, pests can also weaken the structural integrity of your home.

From the irritating to the dangerous, persistent pest infestations can lead to stress homeowners don’t shouldn’t have to deal with. Sadly, many homeowners don’t know where to turn when it comes to getting professional pest control services for their homes.  Bug Blasters Pest Control wants to be a resource for you and your family.  If you are seeing pests or signs of insect infestations – call us today at 325-673-1717 or Contact us by email here.


Tips For Fire Ant Control

fire ant treatment abilene txControlling a pest like invasive fire ants is not an easy thing for people in the areas where these vermin have been accidentally imported. A serious pest, it is more than possible for people in these areas to minimize the damage of these pests.

There are two main steps to fire ant control. The first step is to spray the afflicted area (generally an area with a high fire ant colony concentration, generally understood to be over 20 mounds per acre) a broadcasting bait laced with approved insecticide.

The second is to wait for seven to ten days, followed by treating persistent mounds with specialized approved pest control solutions, such as insecticides in nearly any form, as well as non chemical treatments, such as scalding hot water.

The broadcasting bait step is generally a bait laced with approved insecticides that will kill the ants as they consume it. The most attractive bait to fire ants is generally the best choice, usually processed corn grits drenched in soy bean oil. The bait, laced with ant killing poison, is carried into the colony mounds by worker ants, where it is then spread through out the colony to feed the queen and the workers. Most of these baits use either ant growth inhibitors, actual toxins or a combination of both to weaken or kill a good number of the ants.

After that comes the fire ant control step of treating the individual mounds. Generally insecticides in a number of forms are applied to the ant mounds about a week after applying the baited poisons. The ant mound itself should not be disturbed or have the toxins poured directly on it; rather the poisons should be applied uniformly from 1 to 3 feet around the base of the mound. Non chemical treatments will likely need to be stacked together to be as effective at killing ants as other methods.

When you need professional ant control, call  Bug Blasters Pest Control at 325-673-1717 or contact us here.

3 Key Tips for Choosing a Pest Control Service Provider

Choosing Pest Control

There are no two ways about it, if you find yourself choosing a pest control company, you are not a happy camper Why? Well, it obviously means you have pests in your home. Pests are never good news. They can threaten your health and can be downright annoying nuisances.

So, don’t make it harder for yourself by choosing your Abilene pest control company based on the wrong information. If you make the wrong choice, you might get worse infestations and your pocket book might feel lighter for it. Use these 3 tips to help you in choosing pest control service providers.

Ask For Referrals

Nobody knows the work of the pest control company you are considering better than past clients. This is a key step in choosing your service the smart way. You might be in a hurry. You might be at your wits’ end with the pest infestation at your home. This is all understandable.  But you shouldn’t let your panic force you to compromise on the quality and/or competence of the service provider you are considering.  Read Bug Blasters Reviews

Ask for Accreditation

Any pest control company that operated based on standards and acceptable levels of competence must have accreditation. The accrediting body can be an industry group or some standards-setting organization. Don’t just take accreditations at face value. Do some research on them. How stringent are they? Are they recognized by the pest control service industry? Be on the lookout for cheap accreditation bodies or outright fake accreditation systems.

Ask About Their Guarantee

This is where the rubber meets the road. If the firm you are considering is actually confident about its work quality, they will offer a viable and reasonable guarantee. Don’t choose a firm that won’t guarantee their work. They must guarantee that they will get the job done. Why? In the real world, excuses and intentions don’t matter. Results do. This should be your attitude when selecting pest control service providers.

Don’t just settle for any company that has the right licenses. Licensing is the bare minimum. You need the competence of a company that will stand by its work. Quickly filter out companies that won’t guarantee their services.

Wildlife Control Services

Take care of wildlife home invasions with the right wildlife control services

remove-pest-animalsPepe LePew sure is a charming skunk in all those Warner Brothers’ cartoons from the past. Almost everyone thinks Bambi is cute. Racoons definitely look darling in the pages of National Geographic. The problem with all these animals is that they aren’t as cute when they are intruding in your yard or actually invade the space of your home.

They can destroy stuff inside your home or ruin your garden. Worse, they can leave droppings or damage fixtures you leave outside. When your personal home space is invaded, cute wildlife quickly become pests.

Some wildlife pests are easier to control than others. You can run off possums, but you probably won’t be as persuasive if you are staring down a skunk that’s ready to spray. If you are experiencing an unwelcome wildlife presence in your home, you need professional wildlife control services. The professionals who offer this service have the proper training and equipment to capture or eliminate animals that threaten the peace of your home. What’s more important, these professionals can help you keep the animals out. Wildlife control services also involves giving out a plan or putting into place mechanisms or other devices that can keep wildlife away.

Be Proactive

You might be experiencing wildlife encroachment because you planted the wrong plants or you are doing something with your house’s kitchen waste that you shouldn’t be doing. Professional wildlife control services will give you the proper advice so you can be proactive in preventing wildlife encroachment and home invasions.

Enjoy wildlife on TV and movie screens-keep them out of your kitchen, living room, or bedrooms. In many respects, controlling wildlife around, in, or near your home is not any different from retaining professional rodent control services. Rodent control services use the same tactics to drive away rodents. You might also be able to choose between lethal and non-lethal infestation prevention strategies and implementations.

A lot of the preventive measures you can take involve your home’s operations. In particular, how does your family handle table scraps? How secure is your garbage disposal measures? Where do you store your trash? How do you store your trash? Get in touch with a professional provider of rodent control services to get practical, low-cost, easy to implement methods of cutting down your home’s exposure to scavengers, rodents, and other pests. Through proactive measures, you can keep your home free from rodents and wildlife. You can also gain back a lot of your peace of mind.

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