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Cockroach Control Preparation Steps

Cockroach Pest Control

The only good cockroach is a DEAD cockroach

To keep your house rid of pest – especially cockroaches, you want to keep the house as clean as possible for long-lasting outcomes. This assists in removing the food source for the bugs. In addition, when the house is tidy, the roaches will be more quickly drawn to the bait so they will be destroyed quickly.

Remove or cover any leftover food.  Make sure to clean small appliances and other things that may trap food on your counter tops. Mop or scrub the kitchen area and other hard surface floorings and woodwork with a good all-purpose cleaning agent.  You will want to completely vacuum carpeted floorings, utilizing the vacuum’s crevice accessory to get into cracks. After vacuuming, take the vacuum cleaner outside, get rid of the vacuum bag, seal it, and dispose of in garbage.

Make sure to consistantly keep trash in closed containers and, if possible, take out the trash every night. Dispose of all excess paper items, and other unused stacks of papter or garbage, as these will become hiding locations for roaches and other insects.

If you determine that you have a water leak, this can offer a perfect habitat for cockroaches.  You will want to fix the water leak and damaged area, then call in your local pest control expert.  Apartment or condo residents will want to report a leak right away upon detection.

If possible, before pest control service, you may want to clean behind large appliances.  Move these devices away from the wall, and tidy behind and underneath them. If your oven or range has a detachable bottom drawer that opens over the floor, it is easy to merely pull this out in order to tidy below it and clean the flooring below.

You want to make certain that your pest control expert has complete and total access to anywhere that cockroaches have actually been seen.

After your extermination service, for best results, you want to keep sanitation to as high a level as possible.  This enables all of the applied pest control solutions to work as promptly as possible. Do not touch cockroach gel or enable animals or kids to have access.


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