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Mosquitoes: Why They Are Attracted To You And How You Can Prevent Them

Why are mosquitoes attracted to me?

Why mosquitoes appear to be more attracted to some individuals than others is something that much research has been conducted nationwide for both repellent and attractant purposes. The most universally recognized of all mosquito attractants is carbon dioxide. It draws in mosquitoes from as far away as 35 meters. Whenever female mosquitoes are able to sense there is carbon dioxide in an area, usually they will take a zigzagging flight pattern in the plume to find the source.

After they are within the general area of a potential host, there are other predominant cues, including heat and body odors (lactic acid, sweat, etc.). Odors that the skin’s microflora produce play a role as well in inducing a mosquito to land. Researchers have been able to isolate more than 350 compounds from odors that the human skin produces. Either in combination or singly, many of those compounds might be attractants – and also many of them might be repellents. The situation is quite complicated and numerous tests need to be conducted before everything can be sorted out at last.

Another factor involved in host-seeking is visual stimuli, like movement. However, what can be stated safely is that it has been proven by controlled laboratory studies that ingesting vitamin B12, garlic or other systemics do not impact mosquito biting at all. Eating banana, as suggested by a myth, does not actually attract mosquitoes. However, wearing perfume does. It has also been found that limburger cheese is attractive. According to scientists this might explain why some mosquitoes are attracted to human feet.

5 Steps To Preventing Mosquitoes

1. Seal Gaps

Integrated pest management is used by pest management professionals such as Palmetto Exterminators. They inspect areas around plumbing penetrations and windows for spaces where pests are able to enter your home. Even using something as basic as a tube of caulk can help to prevent ants from getting into your home. Using fine steel wool on any exterior gaps that are bigger than your thumb is also recommended to keep mice out.

2. Trim Vegetation

Vegetation such as shrubs and bushes can serve as a highway for various insects such as roaches and ants. Tress limbs hanging over a structure can be used by roaches and carpenter ants, while vines growing up on a structure can be used as a highway by carpenter ants, termites and various black ant species. When vegetation is allowed to grow over the house or against a structure it can turn into an expensive moisture problem. It is always recommended by Palmetto Exterminators that there be a 12 inch minimum clearance between any vegetation and a structure.

3. Replace Rotten Wood

When you first start to see cracking or peeling paint, that is the best time to start addressing water born issues. Paint that has started to crack or peel is a sign that moisture has started to intrude into wood. Attempt to determine what the source of the moisture problem is, then scrape the area and repaint it using the appropriate kind of exterior grade paint. Replace any wood that has started to show any signs of decay. Soft wood can turn into a habitat and breeding ground for termites and carpenter ants, which can lead to more decay and need for repair work.

4. Avoid any standing water

In order to survive, a majority of living things need to have water. The same thing is true for most common pests. Many insects such as mosquitoes, in fact, thrive in stand water. In order to prevent insects such as mosquitoes, roaches and ants from breeding quickly throw out any black plastic planters you have left over from plants, empty out wheel barrows and replace water in your bird bathes every couple of days.

Rising temperatures result in organic material decomposing at a more rapid rate. This makes an excellent breeding ground for many insects. Over the next several months, be sure all waste is sealed as air tight as you possibly can. Also make sure to take your trash can out to the curb every week. If you do compost, then be sure to keep your compost bin away from your house as far as possible. Although insects are very beneficial for compost, if your bin is located too close to your house then can find their way inside your home.

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