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Tips For Fire Ant Control

fire ant treatment abilene txControlling a pest like invasive fire ants is not an easy thing for people in the areas where these vermin have been accidentally imported. A serious pest, it is more than possible for people in these areas to minimize the damage of these pests.

There are two main steps to fire ant control. The first step is to spray the afflicted area (generally an area with a high fire ant colony concentration, generally understood to be over 20 mounds per acre) a broadcasting bait laced with approved insecticide.

The second is to wait for seven to ten days, followed by treating persistent mounds with specialized approved pest control solutions, such as insecticides in nearly any form, as well as non chemical treatments, such as scalding hot water.

The broadcasting bait step is generally a bait laced with approved insecticides that will kill the ants as they consume it. The most attractive bait to fire ants is generally the best choice, usually processed corn grits drenched in soy bean oil. The bait, laced with ant killing poison, is carried into the colony mounds by worker ants, where it is then spread through out the colony to feed the queen and the workers. Most of these baits use either ant growth inhibitors, actual toxins or a combination of both to weaken or kill a good number of the ants.

After that comes the fire ant control step of treating the individual mounds. Generally insecticides in a number of forms are applied to the ant mounds about a week after applying the baited poisons. The ant mound itself should not be disturbed or have the toxins poured directly on it; rather the poisons should be applied uniformly from 1 to 3 feet around the base of the mound. Non chemical treatments will likely need to be stacked together to be as effective at killing ants as other methods.

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