Money Saving Pest Control Tips

Save money with Do-It-Yourself pest prevention.

Utilizing these tips to prevent and control pests around your home will save you money and headache in the long run.

Seal Door and Window Cracks
Insects hide to protect themselves and dark crevices around your windows, doors, eaves and siding provide the perfect protection. Unfortunately, these crevices also may allow access into your home. We suggest caulking around doors and windows, baseboards, cabinets and doors as well as around plumbing pipes. Then replace worn out weatherstripping around doors and windows.

Replace Torn Screens
When the whether is nice and you want to open your windows to feel the breeze, make sure you are not inviting unwelcome guests as well. Inspect your window screens for small tears (grasshoppers love to chew holes in them) and replace as necessary.

Keep Gutters Clean
The damp, organic debris that clogs your gutters can be a haven for many types of insects – cockroaches, ants, silverfish and other pests will thrive in the debris and there is a high probability they will then invade your home.

Eliminate Water Sources In and Around Your Home
Mosquitos breed in standing water and termites and other insects thrive in moist environments so eliminating as many as possible will go a long way in helping curb your pest problems. Fix leaking faucets, empty buckets and containers, remove litter from the yard, empty plant trays, regularly empty and clean out bird baths, fountains and children’s pools.

Control Insect Habitat
Any vegetation that comes in contact with your home is a potential highway for insects to access parts of your exterior walls. Prune limbs, remove weeds, grass, vines and other items that touch your home. Perimeter pest control by Bug Blasters can create a barrier around your home to further protect your property.

Use Covered Trash Containers
Trash containers invite not only insects, but larger pests such as rodents, racoons and opossums. Sealing your trash bags and storing them in covered containers will help discourage the pests.

Don’t Leave Pet Food and Water Sitting Out
Pet food will also attract all sorts of pests, from ants and roaches, to the larger pests such as rodents, racoons and opposums. Making sure the food and water bowls are empty and cleaned out overnight will ensure you are not attracting them with your free buffet.

Store Firewood Above Ground
Firewood stored next to the house is never a good idea. Termites that may feed on your firewood, will likely move to your conveniently placed home. Additionally, firewood stacks are attractive hiding places for rodents, insects and snakes. Place your firewood away from your house up on steel pipes or in a firewood rack so it is not resting directly on the ground.

Keep Food Areas Clean
An insects primary job is to forage for food, so if they can find it in your home, they will stay. Make your house unattractive to pests. Take trash out regularly, make sure food is stored in sealed containers, keep your counters and sinks clean, don’t leave dirty dishes out and wipe off food particles from your table, stove and countertops.

A little prevention goes a long way in pest control, but if you need professional help, contact Bug Blasters.